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Beauty and The Beast Movie Review:


The new Beauty and The Beast was an overall success in the box office. Due to its popularity in the nineties, the 2017 version, brought the nineties baby back to the past! This live action remake of the 1991 classic animated musical, starring Emma Watson as an independent, book-loving Belle, and Dan Stevens as the beast. As always the story gives us a lesson that makes you look beyond what is on the outside, and gives you a sense of “you never really know until you try.”

Even though this movie was a remake of the 1991 film, the audience hasn’t seem to change from then. Beauty and The Beast appeals to various audiences ranging from very young children ages 5-10, to millennials, 15-20, to adults, 21 and over, and to even grandparents.

1991 v. 2017 1991

Im sure everyone who has seen the 2017 film, has compared it to the 1991 version. I know I did. However, is that what we are supposed to be doing? Or should it be its own version? I think the idea is to have it both ways. It is designed to capture your attention to see the old…..but we want it to be new. If you have never experienced the cartoon then it is certainly very different than the new version.

There are a few differences between the new and the old versions. In the 1991 version, there is no explanation as to why Belle’s mother doesn’t appear in the movie, but in the new version, the beast has a magical book that can take him wherever he wants to go (also a new addition to the film) and he ends up helping her discover her mothers death and she learns why she died.

In the 2017 film, Belle tries to escape, unlike the animated version.

Belle is an inventor, just like her father in the new movie. She events a new way of washing clothes, getting her in trouble with the villagers.

In the animated film, the beast is shy and a slow reader, whereas in the new movie he is very excited to share his books with Belle.

The new movie features Disney’s first openly gay character.

Chip, which is the little teacup is an only child in the new movie, where in the animated movie, he is seen sleeping with his brothers and sisters.

In the animated film, Gaston pays a man to take Maurice, which is Belle’s dad to a mental hospital, and in the new film, Gaston leaves him tied up in the forest to die.

Symbolism rose

Will you accept this rose? There is symbolic meaning in the movie, mainly being the rose. Roses represent love which is the whole point of the movie.

Roses also stand for death. This rose is dying throughout the entire film. They tend to hide their thorns and can stick you if you get too close symbolizing the passing of everything worthwhile in their life.

They also represent mystery. They bloom slowly to reveal its true beauty only after taking the time to see it for what it really is. For Belle it represents the mystery of how the beast came to be the way that he is.

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There has been some fuss about the new film. In the script, Disney proves the problem with absent mothers, the story that both Belle and the beast lost their mothers. However, this adds nothing to the story unless it is addressing that girls who have lost their mothers do just fine. For example Belle, is a smart, loving girl. In contrast, boys who lose their mothers, turn into monsters, as seen in the film that the prince was even before the curse.

It is also said that it is promoting stockholm syndrome, which is defined as “a condition that causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors as a survival strategy during captivity.” However there have been arguments centered around whether Beauty and The Beast goes against that implication. In the Article, “7 Reasons Beauty And The Beast is Not A Tale of Stockholm Syndrome” by Veronica Poirier, she goes into detail about why this movie is not related to stockholm syndrome. 7 reasons Beauty and The Beast is not a tale of stockholm syndrome.



All in all, Beauty and The Beast is and always will be a classic, no matter the differences that have surfaced in the new movie.

Here is the trailer for Beauty and The Beast:  


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